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How To Use Your Crease Piece™

How to Use Crease Piece™

Step 1: Choose the desired crease shape, then pick the appropriate side for the right or left eye and slide it to the top of the handle.

Step 2: Hold the Crease Piece gently against the designated eye, placing it on the crease. Start with your 001 brush and the darkest color in your palette. Apply it over the edge of the Crease Piece, as desired. 

Step 3: Once you are finished creating the crease, remove the Crease Piece to reveal the coveted cut crease. Once your crease is done, add color to the eyelid. Pro tip: a lighter color on the lid will help the crease pop and create a sharp contrast.


Best Practices

  • For a more defined look, start with the darkest shade and the 001 brush. As the colors get lighter, the brushes should get larger. Follow with your 002, 003, and 004 brush.
  • Avoid using stiff or flat brushes for blending. The fluffier the better! Try using our Classic Crease Brush Set, designed specifically to be used with your Cut Crease Creation Kit.
  • Be sure to clean any remaining makeup off the Crease Piece before removing it from the handle. A makeup wipe or a damp cloth will work.
  • Practice makes perfect! For those who love makeup, but may not be skilled makeup artists, it may take a few attempts of trying different shapes, brushes and colors to find the look that works for you.

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